Reverend Moon passed away on September 3, 2012, at the age of ninety two. To those who joined his movement, and to those born into it, he was known respectfully as Father.

His passing is a time to share stories and memories, to reflect on his life and what it has meant to us.

We asked for reflections from young members of the Unification Family, a diverse group that we might label cultural Unificationists. It includes people born into the movement, as well as younger first generation members. Some are committed members of the church, while others no longer identify with the church very strongly.

But we all have in common a feeling of connection to and respect for Reverend Moon himself: each in our own way can say that, without him, we would not be here, and that by his lifelong example, our lives have been made fuller. We hope that this series can express in a small way our gratitude.

This is an ongoing communal project, and we thank all the contributors for their stories. We also thank M. Y. Allen for helping design a beautiful site through which to share them.

—J. Fong, H. Hernandez, M. Okano

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The editorial team is an independent association of young cultural Unificationists. It is our goal to foster support among cultural Unificationists in their personal and professional pursuits.

We are not affiliated with any church or movement organization and are entirely self-funded.

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