N. Kwak ’67 —

Fortunately, I have had many personal experiences with True Father. In my spiritual life, he is my own father. In a deeper sense, I felt a love from him even greater than that of my physical father. He gave me so many things and his love was so genuine and big. I will share just two memories here.

I believe that it was a Sunday School gathering at the Old Chung Pa-dong church in Seoul. There were about one hundred blessed second generation and I was around eight or nine years old. I do not remember whether it was a special day or not, but True Father came out and spoke to us. He began talking about how we must love Cain more than Abel. Suddenly, he pointed at me and asked, “Who are you? You are a daughter of Young Hwi Kim, right? Does your father love other church members more than you?” I could not say anything at first. I needed time to think about it. Father asked me again, “Does he take care of other people more than you?” I said frankly, with a small voice, “No, he loves me more.” Everybody burst into laughter and True Father added, with a big smile, “Frankness is good. People should be frank. However, your father was wrong. He should love other people more than you.” When I think back on True Father’s life, I can say he was the one who really lived his life loving other people more than his own physical family.

My second memory. One day, True Father called older second generation to Hannamdong. Close to two hundred college students were gathered at the time. After we greeted True Parents, we introduced ourselves briefly to them. We said our own names, our parents’ names and our college majors. As we said these things, Father would stop often and say, “Oh, you are the son of so- and-so. What is your father doing now? He used to work at Ilhwa.” Or, “Your mother’s health is OK?” He remembered the members’ names and all the small details, even about their grandparents. I was shocked. How could he remember all that? I realized that he truly loves the members as his own children.

* * * * *