C. Santelli ’88 —

As a child, between playing make-believe that I was a superhero or Tony Hawk, I pretended I would one day be Rev. Moon’s right hand man. His extraordinary personality, his purposeful lifestyle, and his irresistible fatherly love was so infectious and exciting to me, I dreamt of being a part of his work one day. At times in my youth I struggled to connect or pray to God, but to me Father was so real, and I could see that behind all he did was nothing but the desire to bring joy to his Heavenly Father. I fell in love with Father from a young age.

My most personal physical encounter with Father came in 2008 at his residence in Kodiak, Alaska. After a long day, Father finally went to rest at midnight. I was tasked with guarding the entrance of the house. Only three hours after his day ended, I saw the lights flash on in his bedroom, at 2:55 a.m. I heard shouting from his room, so I ran up the stairs to see what the commotion was about. At the top of the steps stood Father in his sleeping attire: gray boxers and a sleeveless white shirt. He looked more alive and fresher than any eighty eight year old man has the right to look, not to mention at 3 a.m., and he demanded of me, “Where is Mother?” My only response was, “I do not know, Father.” Father burst out in a chuckle. Clearly needing help to walk, he stumbled down the hall as fast as he could, seeking out Mother. In hindsight, I wish I had helped him walk down that hallway, as he struggled with each step. Finally, Peter Kim exited his room and, in similar fashion, asked, “Where is Father?”

When a man of Father’s status directly asks you even a simple question, you tend to think it over from time to time. And I have been contemplating, “Where is Mother? Where is Father?”

My Father has come and gone physically from this earth. And though there are regrets of not being able to comfort his heart more, and not being able to attend him more, I think I have an answer to that question: “Our home eternal and true is a haven of joy; Here in such beauty divine, we shall always live.” Father has worked his entire life to create a place where God and True Parents can live in joy. Father’s passing is one more step in that journey. This is the final destination for Father and Mother. I look forward to the day I can live there with our True Parents in joy and happiness forever.

* * * * *